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Ordinary Paradise

Installation at the Steve Turner Contemporary gallery in Los Angeles, 2008. | Photo credit: Kelly Barrie, Courtesy Steve Turner Contemporary.

Title : Ordinary Paradise
Artist : Ghosh
Media : Video Installation
Date : 2008
Equipment : 3000 or higher lumen projector, speakers, computer

Exhibitions : Ordinary paradise, solo show at the Steve Turner Contemporary gallery in Los Angeles, Sept 6th – Oct 4th, 2008.
Description : A thin video projection of the ocean frames the four edges of a wall, imbuing the mundane with a sense of the vastness.

Hallway sculpture

Installation view, Broad Art Center, Los Angeles, 2007

Title : Hallway sculpture
Artist : Ghosh
Media : Video installation
Date : 2007
Equipment : 4000 (or higher) lumen projector, computer, speakers

Exhibitions : ‘Hallway sculpture’ received the Jury’s Recommendation Award at the 11th Japan Media Art Festival, Tokyo, 2008.
Exhibition at the Broad Art Center, Los Angeles, May 31 – June 14, 2007.
Description : Hallway sculpture is a site-specific video installation that alters our perception of a regular hallway, transforming into an instability of perceptual experience.

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Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi, India, 2014

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